Thursday, 20 October 2011

baby it's cold outside

Coat: Topshop, Sweater: New Look, Jeans: Primark, Shoes: Topshop

I really am being the worst blogger at the minute which I'm very annoyed about. I'm genuinely so busy right now and I'm still trying to settle into a routine, and my terrible internet does not make posting easy! I'm so excited to get back into posting properly and being able to take the time to reply to your comments, and read all my favourite blogs thoroughly again.

How cold has the weather gotten all of a sudden? I'm not such a big fan at night time when it's too cold to sleep in my own bed or in the morning when I have to get ready wrapped in a blanket but I do love wearing coats and scarves! I'm so glad I splashed out on this Topshop coat, it's literally the perfect item, goes with everything and makes a boring sweater and jeans so much better! I'm on a uni trip to London next week as part of an apprentice style project in which we're making fashion zines and trying to blag our way into great places to feature. I've got us an appointment at a showroom which is quite exciting and I'm looking forward to finding somewhere brill for lunch and maybe a cheeky cocktail to refuel. I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to see the new Monki concession in Selfridges while we're there as I have been desperate to shop from this brand for ages! Has anyone been to the new concession or bought anything from Monki before? The website is tempting but I like to know the kind of quality I'll be buying before I order lots. I will of course let you know if I do get to go, so fingers crossed.

I'm going home this weekend for the first time in a month and I'm so excited! I'll see if I find the chance to blog, although I am working, and I have a parcel waiting for me there so that's something new to show you all. Have a happy Friday tomorrow everyone and hopefully I'll be back in a few days! 

(Apologies for the slight bizarre selection of photos)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rollers and Flowers


Even little girls need support. Photographs by Tony Moussoulides. Flair Magazine, January 1971.


Jess Hart with her trademark gap toothed smile

Hello all you wonderful people, commenting and following and generally making my day when ever I get the chance to log into blogger! I am having such a crazy, busy time at the minute and finding it so difficult to find the time to sit down and write decent posts! I have two very jam-packed but very exciting briefs and portfolio/cv/placement to sort out (as well as the social side of uni of course) and it's all go go go. I have taken myself into my bedroom to write you this and post a couple of pictures (all from my tumblr) that are inspiring my brief on my 'design identity'. Basically it's all about me, and I'm going with a nostalgic, romantic, childish, witty vibe because I kind of think that's me all over, how would you describe yourselves within a few key words? What's everyone else's uni work shaping up like? Lasts years projects were horrendous and even our tutors are quick to admit that making a white shirt dress is less than inspiring, this year is already proving so much better, couldn't be happier.

Have had my final River Island pay this weekend, but haven't had a chance to spend it as I have had another busy but really fun weekend. Might do some internet shopping in a bit, so hopefully I will have yet more new bits to show you this week, don't tell my Mum! Sometimes I don't believe I'm living life like a proper student. I have had eaten out twice this weekend and been very indulgent with hot chocolates and bakerys, crazy times, although it has also been double fireball whiskeys and apple juice all round as well (if you haven't tried this before you need to, tastes like apple pie, wetherspoons do it!). Will aim to find myself more time to post this week as I'm really missing blogging and feeling a bit disconnected from it all, enjoy your Sunday evenings everyone


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm Back!

I finally have internet! It's been a long two weeks without google to turn to at every problem, without being able to untag hideous photos from nights out that are best forgotten and without being able to blog and read everyone else's blogs of course! 
I'm really excited about my course this year, I will be doing a 3 month placement from February which is both terrifying and exciting and will of course call for a much coveted work wardrobe! I'm enjoying the whole university experience so much more than I did in my first year and foundation and haven't even been home yet which I think is quite unlike me, I'm such a homebody. How's everyone finding uni this year? Work has already piled on and even my course leader has admitted to us that last year was terrible and this year a feel so much more inspired. 
Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, lack of entertainment in the student house has meant that I've had to entertain myself in other ways, namely shopping and eating out. Neither my waistline or my bank balance is thanking me very much but at least I have something to show you! I finally bit the bullet and got the Topshop boyfriend coat when it was 20% this weekend and I absolutely adore it. It's very flattering, very glamourous and very cosy and I was after a faux fur stole anyway so I can detach this one and wear it with loads of other things. The H&M leggings were an incredible £7.99 and I really love them. I'm trying to get hold of the fake leather ones they've got in the same style (same price aswell) but only a size 16 in Bournemouth. Anyone know where I can get hold of any? I took back the Topshop faux leather trousers which I'm a bit sad about, but they were too hot and too difficult to do up for a night out which is what I wanted them for really so I'm on the hunt for a suitable alternative I think.
Thankyou for everyone continuing to read, comment and follow in my unexpectedly long absence! I will be back to replying to comments and viewing your blogs from now


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Smell of success

Hello beauties, can't believe I haven't been able to post for a whole week! Unfortunately I'm not going to have internet until the 11th October and we don't have a TV so there's been a lot of dancing around the house, a bit of shopping (some bits to show you when I can), eating out at every opportunity and properly going for it pretending I'm a fresher all over again. I'm just researching perfume adverts for my summer projects so I've got to be quick, but I will leave you with a couple of my favourites you lucky things! I'm a Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' girl, what do you wear?

Thankyou for all continuing to comment and read, means the world to know I have readers to come back to. How's uni, work and the start of October (crazy weather!) going for you all? And how am I going to live without TV or internet for another 10 days? No TOWIE, MIC or blogging is making me feel very disconnected