Sunday, 29 April 2012


Saved by the bell inspired 90's costume: 90's hair?!: Clinique splurge: Making an app!: Major dieting relapse: Best night/music ever
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Just a really really quick little instagram update today. I am pretty badly hungover and even typing is making me feel uneasy! I went to a 90's themed night last night (hence the scrunchie and the velvet/denim combo) and the music was ridiculously brill. I 've been busy at the minute coming towards a deadline/the end of the year so my posting has been a bit poo but I always take time to read your lovely comments and visit your blogs so thank you! I'll try get some interesting bits up this week, hope you've all had brilliant weekends because mine has been my favourite in ages!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Denim on denim

Naughtily skipped out my Sunday post this week, please forgive but I was shattered! I went home this weekend to work, the Queen was there so it was all very exciting and nice to be making a little bit of money to spend on unnecessarily expensive things. 

Last week I jumped on a bit of an emerging bandwagon and snapped up a mens Levi's denim jacket from eBay for about £20 inc. P&P. Considering my friend bought one in Urban Outfitters for £55, I couldn't let it go really. It's massive and a little bit out of my comfort zone as I'm more a blazer/leather jacket person but I think I'm going to enjoy wearing it! I've trawled the internet for a bit of inspiration and found that they work best with florals and other prints or juxtaposed against something really girly. I'm not adverse to a bit of double denim sometimes either, don't judge! I wore mine today with a floral tunic and leggings and am picturing it in the summer with a pastel polka dot midi like this one from Dorothy Perkins.

Do you own a denim jacket? How do you wear yours?


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Little Haul #2

Just wanted to quickly show some bits I picked up last week! It was one of those days that was full of good offers and discounts so I came away with more bits and pieces than I expected. My main reason for going shopping was to get some trainers. I was going to get some Vans but after trying on a pair of Superga's I fell in love and took them straight to the till. I haven't worn them yet because I haven't worn trainers in years and need to find a way that works for me, I'm so used to wearing ballet pumps and ankle boots! 

I had a 35% off code for H&M so I picked up these sunglasses for £3.99 and I think they're amazing, I also got this double necklace for around the same price and haven't taken it off really! I went into New Look for a hair doughnut and was told at the till it was buy one get one free jewellery and hair accessories. After several laps of the jewellery I found these earcuffs, and just took the chain and cuff off one so I could have one cross stud. Finally, Topshop in Bournemouth wasn't really doing it for me but I spotted this tunic in the buy it now section. I've seen and liked it before so I picked it up but I'm not sure if I love it enough to keep it. Also, it's a size too big which I thought wouldn't matter due to the smock shape but there may just be too much fabric aka it makes me look pregnant. Any thoughts? What bits have you picked up recently that you love?


Sunday, 15 April 2012


Going out (New Look top, Topshop blazer, Monki bag): favourite things: ear cuff from New Look: new loves: Buzz Lightyear pug: brill easter.

I've had the laziest Sunday ever today and it has been so good literally doing nothing at all! I came back to uni this week and after the horror of coming back to a mouldy fridge and a dirty house everything picked up a little. I won my first giveway over at Emma's blog, I never win a thing so this was a shock and really boosted my mood! I also got paid on Friday and went on a little spend. I decided to buy Superga trainers instead of Vans and love them, just need to figure out how to work trainers into my wardrobe now. I also picked up lots of other bits and pieces that I will show you next week! Another short week in Bournemouth again as I'm heading back home to work on Friday and Saturday. I think I'm going to treat myself to some really good skincare on payday so does anyone have anything they definitely recommend or don't recommend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Thursday, 12 April 2012


Ipad clutch: Topshop, Trainers:Vans via Urban Outfitters, Highlighting Blush: Nars in Miss Liberty, Shirts: Both Zara, Necklace: H&M

Seems a little greedy to post a wishlist the day after a haul but what can I say? The highstreet is doing it for me at the minute and I need some bits ready for my summer wardrobe! I know for sure that I'll be buying myself some Vans this weekend but am having a nightmare deciding what colour I want! I'm excited to get a pair of trainers because I haven't had a pair (except for ugly running Nike's) for years and years and actually love how they look with a pair of skinnies. The Zara shirts are firmly on my wishlist, I'm hoping I get paid tomorrow so I can grab one! I'm thinking with skinny jeans and Vans, it could make a good daytime outfit and break me out of wearing greys and dull tones ready for the sunshine (I hope). I also need to get myself a good highlighter ready for the summer because I love that glowing look on holiday or for summer evening drinks. If I get anything exciting I will make sure I show you! 

ps. Got some bits on eBay again here, help me fund some of the wishlist!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Little Haul

Floral top: New Look, Vest: Topshop, Jeans: New Look, Necklaces: Both Miss Selfridge, Nail Varnish: Barry M Peach Melba and Top Coat/Base Coat/Nail Hardener, Concealer: Collection 2000

Hello! Currently chomping on an easter egg back at uni, about to crack open some 'Jeeves' (some kind of pimms esque drink I found in Lidl, of course). I didn't manage to get posts up before I headed back because I ended up in a bit of a whirlwhind of shopping, cream teas and seeing 21 Jump Street at the cinema. Thought I'd show you some of the bits I've picked up since being at home because if you're anything like me, you'll enjoy a little nosey. I also got some 7/8ths supersoft skinny's from New Look, their supersofts are my new favourites! The ones pictured here are only £12 and almost identical to Topshop Leighs even down to the little darker coloured turn up. Both the necklaces were only £1 each in the Miss Selfridge sale so definitely check that out! Just grabbed some cheapy bits in Boots 3 for 2. Love the concealer so far but thought I would after all the good reviews.


Sunday, 8 April 2012


Just a quick one today, in a black and white photo mood! I've been really busy unexpectedly the last few days and listing my life again on eBay. Definitely addicted! Going to try to get a couple more posts up before I go back to uni early this week. I'm a bit sad to be going as it's been a lovely couple of weeks at home and my friends from other unis have only just come home for their two weeks. Made a couple of purchases that I can show you this week too, finally! New Look have surprisingly had a lot to offer recently, definitely hunt down some of their supersoft skinny jeans if you can!


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I spotted the Models Own Hed Kandi polishes the other day and I knew I'd be going back at some point this week to pick some up! I really wanted to get Ibiza Mix which is a multi coloured glitter that reminded me of O.P.I's Rainbow Connection. When I went back yesterday they'd all gone which I was pretty gutted about but I did grab Hedonist which is an amazing neon coral, will be perfect with a summer tan! This is actually my first Models Own polish for some reason and I was impressed. Applied flawlessy and was pretty much one coat opaque. Dried amazingly as well which is a dream for me as I'm so impatient! As it's 3 for 2 in boots at the minute I also picked up my long coveted Juicy Jules and also Mystic Mauve as it is so pretty and girly and everything I look for in a nail colour! I might be giving one or both of these to my sister for her birthday this weekend though as I know she'd love them too! If you don't mind a bit of an 'in your face' nail colour then definitely get your hands on Hedonist or some of the other colours in the Hed Kandi range! Have you tried any yet? What do you think of Models Own?


Sunday, 1 April 2012


Making the most of the sun: Luxury of home!: Shopping: Oh baby: £1 necklace: Much better than student food

I've had a perfect first week back at home!  The right amount of chilling, sleeping, shopping and seeing people. The weekend has been brill. I drank too much on Friday, booked my Bestival ticket yesterday (Stevie Wonder is my all time favourite!! Anyone else going?) and today I've made lots of money on eBay and have been mentally (and a little bit physically) spending that. This week I'm off to visit some of my friends and we're having a night out in Crawley and my friends at other unis are finally starting their Easter holidays and coming home for some more drinking! I hope the weather lasts a little bit and I can find something to wear! Hows your weekend been?


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