Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Denim on denim

Naughtily skipped out my Sunday post this week, please forgive but I was shattered! I went home this weekend to work, the Queen was there so it was all very exciting and nice to be making a little bit of money to spend on unnecessarily expensive things. 

Last week I jumped on a bit of an emerging bandwagon and snapped up a mens Levi's denim jacket from eBay for about £20 inc. P&P. Considering my friend bought one in Urban Outfitters for £55, I couldn't let it go really. It's massive and a little bit out of my comfort zone as I'm more a blazer/leather jacket person but I think I'm going to enjoy wearing it! I've trawled the internet for a bit of inspiration and found that they work best with florals and other prints or juxtaposed against something really girly. I'm not adverse to a bit of double denim sometimes either, don't judge! I wore mine today with a floral tunic and leggings and am picturing it in the summer with a pastel polka dot midi like this one from Dorothy Perkins.

Do you own a denim jacket? How do you wear yours?



  1. So much fashion inspiration here - I can't wait to see how your jacket looks on and how you style it up x

  2. i really like that green skirt, but no denim jacket in my closet

  3. I have a hugely oversized denim jacket - I wear it so often, it is super warm! <3

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  4. Oh, I do I do. I think it's calssic thing. I wear it with pants and dresses, sneakers and heels! It fits everything :)

  5. wow fantastic looks!



  6. I so badly want a denim jacket! I love double denim, can't get enough! I honestly don't get why people hate that trend xxx

  7. i love denim on denim! i need to get a denim jacket asap!


  8. I adore these denim looks - so great for festivals!



  9. I think I like the last two looks the most, especially harems and heels :) I have a denim jacket hidden behind all my other clothes in my wardrobe that I havent touched in a while- I may need to get it out now <3 p.s £20 is a huge bargain- UO is slightly overpriced x lovely post! xWinnie

  10. Love these looks! You'll become obsessed with your denim jacket soon as well ;)

    xo Jennifer


  11. I don't own denim anything, well except for jeans but that's like one pair. I'm looking to get a denim shirt though that I can pair with a few skirts.

    xo erica

  12. I don't own a denim jacket, but I do like seeing them on other people. You got yours for a bargain!

  13. wow awesome, I like all the looks!

  14. i really like the white laced dress!!


  15. Wow! Very nice photos! We like their outfits!

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  16. aww thanksss! love love love look 4. x


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