Sunday, 1 April 2012


Making the most of the sun: Luxury of home!: Shopping: Oh baby: £1 necklace: Much better than student food

I've had a perfect first week back at home!  The right amount of chilling, sleeping, shopping and seeing people. The weekend has been brill. I drank too much on Friday, booked my Bestival ticket yesterday (Stevie Wonder is my all time favourite!! Anyone else going?) and today I've made lots of money on eBay and have been mentally (and a little bit physically) spending that. This week I'm off to visit some of my friends and we're having a night out in Crawley and my friends at other unis are finally starting their Easter holidays and coming home for some more drinking! I hope the weather lasts a little bit and I can find something to wear! Hows your weekend been?


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p.p.s. I'm also on What I Wore Today  here- made editors choice one day this week!


  1. Very jealous you have finished for easter already- I've got another week left! Your home cooked food looks so yummy! Bestival looks really fun, I'm going to Latitude this year x

  2. bestival sounds fun! lovely post and blog!

  3. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here.
    We wish you a great week, kisses super Glorinha.
    We are Google + campaign, count on your collaboration.

  4. great post! love your blog, i am your newest follower

  5. did you get last week off Uni too?? I only have this one (2nd to the 9th) and have to study for a test and spend half of my time having driving lessons !! sniffs ! I wish I already had my driver's licence so I could visit my friends easier!!

  6. I went bestival last year and I'm going this year, can;t wait!! I lvoe your outfit posts and the carrot cake looks deeeee-lish

  7. Ahh jealous you're going to Bestival! I love your necklace, how was it only a pound?? xxx

  8. that cake looks super tasty

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  9. I like your post so much! These pictures are really gorgeous!
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