Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What I Bought...

 Nail Art Pen - Models Own
Mascara - No 7 'Lash Adapt'
Nail Polish - No 7 in 'Lucky in Lilac'
Foundation - Bare Minerals

Pyjama bottoms -Primark
Chinos - New Look

Poncho - H&M
Sweater - Topshop

Boots - Topshop

I went shopping with my mum last Friday and picked up some really lovely bits to start off my winter wardrobe because I am totally ready to start wearing coats, boots and scarves again. Is anybody elses mums seriously the best shopping companion? I went to the same place on Wednesday with my boyfriend but didn't pick up a single thing except for a few calories in Nandos. My mum always treats to a Starbucks as well which definitely doesn't hurt! The first thing I grabbed was a Bare Minerals foundation in 'fairly light'. I cannot recommend this foundation enough. I have fairly good skin that is prone to redness and maybe a couple of blemishes or dry patches. The coverage I get from this foundation is just right, looks completely natural and it is so easy to apply! I have been using a 2g pot and that has lasted me the whole summer and then some so I see the 8g pot being well worth the £23. No 7's new mascara, Lash Adapt, also come highly recommended from me! The main aim of the trip was some boots. I find my legs to be quite shapely (to put it nicely) and so they don't always suit knee high boots and ankle boots seem even more unflattering. However, I tried on about 3 pairs in Topshop and absolutely fell in love with this riding boot. I have already worn them with the skinny chinos and skinny black trousers and wasn't disappointed at all. Finally, how gorgeous is this cape/poncho from H&M, I'm just dying for some truly chilly weather so I can wear it

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Apologies for the cheeky photobooth photo, and black and white as well because I'm not sure how comfortable I am with my unmade up face being out there. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is a bit of old news and if people are a bit over turbans and half turbans now. This was taken late last year or early this year and I remember thinking at the time that it would be ideal to share on a blog. I couldn't figure blogging out then so that's why I'm sharing it now! I was really lusting after a babooshka turban (if I'm honest, I think I still am?) but seriously didn't have the money to be justifying one. My flatmate was cutting a tshirt into a crop top one night and I picked up the circle of fabric she'd cut off, twisted it to double it over and voila! It was seriously as simple as that and I personally prefer this headwrap to one I bought from New Look for a couple of pounds. Was that interesting or helpful at all or did I really miss the boat? I really don't know!



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