Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Rapping

5 days until I'm back home with time and space on my hands for some serious blogging (and some serious eating as well of course). I have so many lovely things planned, the week before Christmas is going to be non-stop but so brill. I'm starting a job this Christmas at my boyfriends mum's boutique (Fifi and Moose in Newbury). If anyone is from the area make sure you pop in, she always has gorgeous things and I can't wait to get my uniform!

So, basically, I've bought quite a few presents but am still struggling to finish all my shopping. I like to buy people presents that they will definitely love and use and just cringe if I waste money on something that I know they won't touch after the 25th. So for your benefit and mine I've come up with my own little gift guides for some of the people I find it tricky to buy for. Let me know if there's anyone else you're struggling to find things for and pop back tomorrow for another installment!

Scarf:Michael Michael Kors via Net-a-porter, Mug: Emma Bridgewater, Clutch: Cos, Ipad case:Marc by Marc Jacobs via Net-a-porter, Bag: Zara, Face Creams: Kiehl's, Truffles: Charbonnel et Walker via Selfridges, Phone case: Mulberry

Now I wouldn't say my mum is a difficult person to buy for, but she just buys everything that she really wants for herself and leaves little for her present buyers to play with. She appreciates quality things, pretty things and sentimental bits. She loves her two pugs as well, hence the mug which I can't decide if it's hideous or not?! What are you all getting your mums? I always make sure she gets the biggest, most special present because she really does do the most for everyone, it's just finding her something or some things that she wants or needs that she doesn't already have!



  1. I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad case! I'm a big fan of his bags! I hope you can check out my blog too, it's a personal style and fashion blog from England. I'm also running a contest at the moment too! :) :)

  2. I finished university Friday and it feels so good to be home for Christmas. I am half way through my presents and can never decide what to buy.

    This year I bought my mum her fav Clinique perfume, white scarf and black and white movies. I can't wait to surprise her!

    Hollie X

  3. Some fab ideas for Mums! My Mum and I love anything Keihls!
    George |

  4. You've picked some great stuff. I'm going to get my mum some Chanel bath oil because she doesn't wear perfume but likes to smell nice.

    Fashion Dawgs

  5. holy moley that pug mug is insanely cute! x

  6. I personally think the mug is great, just kitsch enough for Christmas! And I love the Zara bag! X

  7. Like the mug, very funny way to drink your coffe or tea.

  8. it's cute that ya did this post!! Love it!!!
    I took me mum window shopping today, and was tryna find out secretly what she liked hahaha, now I know what I'm getting her, she wants a video camera and a hair cut LOOOOL!
    She's so random, hate buying prezzies for me dad though, never have any idea what to get him, socks maybe? looool x

  9. That pug mug is ADORABLE!! And I really want that bag. :)

    I already have all my Christmas shopping completed for my mom. It was fairly easy as I just keep a list all year of things I notice her eyeing or randomly talking about. Hehe.

  10. That mug's so sweet! I've got my mum a cat pillow /duvet set & a bubbly set. x hivenn

  11. ahhh i'm going shopping today! thanks for the tips!

  12. Great gift idea for a sister or mum!
    Love the scarf!

    The Urban Umbrella

  13. Perfecta mezcla!

    Te espero en mi blog ;)


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