Friday, 3 August 2012

Holiday Essentials #2

I don't wear tonnes of makeup when I go away, especially not in the day time, but I do like to be able to create pretty makeup looks for the evening. My makeup bag is from H&M.

001. Face - I find bare minerals to be the easiest foundation when I'm away as it's nice and light and effortless to apply with my real techniques buffing brush. I also have two shades and find them both quite adaptable to my skin tone which is ideal for when I (hopefully) get a bit of colour. Sometimes I like to just use a primer to perfect and even out my skin a little without having to wear a lot of makeup.
002. Cheeks - Cheeks are my favourite to focus on when I've got a little bit of colour and I'm out and about in the sunshine. I love a light peachy tone blush, a little bit of bronzer and a lot of highlighter with a tan!
003. Eyes - Bronze, shimmery eyes with a lengthening mascara is one of my favourite summer and holiday looks. I wear a lot less mascara and black eye makeup than I would normally and try to make my eyes like as bright and wide as possible.
004. Lips - I'm much more of a glossy lip person when I'm on holiday as it's easy to apply and to keep topped up. Also, no unfortunate melting incidents in your bag! That said, I can't be without a couple of light and pretty colours. Cut a Caper by Mac is my new favourite, so pretty and so easy to wear.



  1. Nice beauty post, I really like it! *.*
    I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
    Have a nice day! Hugs and kisses! :*

  2. Love your make-up selection - nice and nnatural looking
    Love your blog too - I just signed up as your newest follower. I'd love you to check out my blog - perhaps we could follow each other?

  3. Your make up bag is so pretty, H&M do the best ones! I wish I'd bought lipgloss instead of lipsticks on holiday, mine melted :( xxx

  4. Lovely post! I really like your make up bag, an jealous of all your make up
    Daniella x

  5. Your make up bag is so cute ! Great essential items inside too (:

  6. Looks like you have your holiday make up bag all sussed! I generally try to take a minimal amount since it ends up weighing me down otherwise


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