Monday, 10 December 2012


Journey essentials: Models Own 'Mushroom' and 'Juicy Jules': Uni life: Poppin bottles with my sisters: Obligatory advent calendar photo: Procrastination at its finest: Disso fuel: Cheesy: Xmas candle and green tea to make me feel better: Festive nails: Always rowdy: So unlike me to get sushi for lunch: More like me, Wahaca <3: Perfection: Cuddling baby girls

Oh hey! It's been a while hasn't it? I literally became so overwhelmed with uni work and other things that I pretty much had to forget blogging and blogs existed for a few weeks, so sad. I've handed in, presented and come home for christmas now though so I'm a much happier person and much more available to share my clothing and makeup loves with you for a while at least! Big question though ... is everyone feeling festive?


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  1. Oh! Pug Love!! That is SO cuteeeee! I want a pug!

    Emma x


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