Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Just Peachy

I made my first MUA purchase from my local Superdrug last week and after a little bit of deliberation over what to try first I decided that I wanted to add to my lipstick collection the most. I already have my perfect red (No 7 Moisture Drench in Siren) and a nice rosy pink from Benefit (Lady's Choice) that I'm using day to day so I went for something a little different for me and picked up this peachy pink colour, which is Shade 15 'Juicy'. For £1 you really can't go all that wrong and as I am on a very strict budget it was nice for me to be able to treat myself to a little something without having to worry about where the money for rent/food/bills is going to come from. I really love the shade and am so keen to wear when the sun comes out! I do wish that the colour was a little more pigmented but I'm really not going to complain about it for £1, I find it quite buildable anyway. The only real problem I have is that I currently have quite dry lips and this does seem to highlight that. It's not that it's drying, it just clings to the dry bits if you know what I mean (sounds pretty vile, sorry!). Does anyone have any advice on quick, cheap and effective ways to get rid of my chapped lips so I can wear this lipstick without having to slather on tonnes of lip balm?

Overall, I would say this is definitely worth a try for £1, I will 100% be going back for more lipsticks and more products!



  1. When I'm washing my face I tend to gently rub my lips with a towel to get any flaky bits off, then use loads of lip balm afterwards. The lip balm actually gets chance to moisturise your lips rather than the flaky bits on the top then! x

  2. OOh I am loving this shade! such a bargain too

  3. I love that color :O But I don't think I've seen that brand carried any where near me.

    Castle Fashion

  4. I've heard of rubbing a sugar (maybe brown sugar) mixture on your lips with honey helps!! <3

  5. How is it only £1?? I'll definitely have to pick up one (or two...)

  6. Beautiful color. Real glad I found your blog :) I would love for you to check mine out

  7. newest follower! hope you follow me back!! :)


  8. This was the first mua product I bought too... same colour! I know what u mean about the dry lips thing though, unfortunatly it doesnt help improve the look of your lips are peeling away :( your photos of it make me want to go and buy more haha good advertising! xxx

  9. I don't use lipsticks but now I think I have to start !

    Can't Afford Chanel Blog

  10. Ooh, what a pretty color. I've never seen that brand before. Will have to check it out.
    It's such a pretty packaging for just $1.

  11. Such a good colour!!

  12. Bargain. Looks like a gorgeous colour x

  13. Wow what a bargain! Nice colour too :) p.s. thanks for your comment! Love your blog, you've got yourself a new follower! x

  14. Always noticed this when I go into Superdrugg but never thought about buying it.. Defiantly will now :)

    Lovely blog!

    Ruth xxxx

  15. I'm looking for a new nude lip colour to use everyday, think I might have to try Superdrug for £1!

    Also I brush my lips with a toothbrush when Im brushing my teeth then cover them in Carmax afterwards, perfect for creating a smooth base for lippie x

  16. I've heard rubbing your lips with a soft toothbrush is really good for getting them super soft again.
    This colour is really pretty. And I love little treats that brighten your day without breaking the bank :)

    P.S I’m hosting a give away… Come check it out!

  17. that color is just lovely!
    what a great choice!

  18. I love MUA makeup...although it doesn't last long you cam't go wrong with a lipstick that's £1!
    I do get very chapped lip in winter and I know how annoying it can be! I use my toothbrush twice a week to lightly exfoliate my lips...but maybe you could try a natural lip scrub? You can make with cupboard is a good recipe...
    Hope this helps!


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