Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Holiday List

Dip Dye Tee: Topshop £18, Drawstring Skirt: £10, Sandals: Office £25, Grey Tee: Topshop £16, Nail Polish: Models Own £5: Blush: Sleek £10, Floral Trousers: Monki £12, Floral Top: Monki £4.80,

I am aware that it is horrific and raining outside but to me that seems like all the more reason to get excited and prepared for my summer holiday. I haven't had two weeks away since I can remember so I think that definitely deserves a bit of a spend on some holiday items, but with massive deposits and a new passport to be paid for, I definitely can't allow myself to go too crazy. While the weather is uninspiring, the high street is actually full of lovely colours and prints and fabrics and a lot of it is on sale which is brill. I thought I would see if I could find some versatile holiday staples within a £100 budget to give my wardrobe and my makeup bag a bit of a boost for going away. This is what I came up with! Everything pictured comes to £100.80, but with my well loved student card it would be well under the £100 mark which I think is pretty good. Let me know what you think and what you think your holiday staples for £100 would be!



  1. Love the drawstring skirt! very cute.


    The Urban Umbrella



  2. I realy like those Office sandals. I'm sure you'll get use of all these things on holiday and hopefully before if the weather gets better!
    Daniella x


  3. the white-pink top looks lovely :D

  4. ahh so nice! makes me miss summer huhu i still have 9 months of school to go :(


  5. Love the skirt and sandals!


  6. The grey top is so cool! I haven't seen that in store before. And the blue skirt is really cute. I've got my summer holidays coming up soon too and I cannot waitttt. I keep buying things even though I can't afford them and my mum's like "what about the bikinis you bought LAST YEAR?!" haha oops! Great choices x


  7. I love the grey top and the dip dye tshirt! Thank god for Topshop! I need (well want) to go holiday shopping too! There's so many things on the high street calling me to buy them haha :( I'll never be rich! Love your idea of the £100 mark, think I may do the same! :) x

  8. Oh wow! that top and trousers combo is amazing. Such an interesting print xx

  9. I can't believe how cheap those Monki items are - and they're fab!! I'm loving dip dye at the moment but am still yet to find something I really want! If I had £100 to spend on holiday clothes I'd be heading straight to River Island after going to their sale today - the prices are fab, you'd get so much for your money! xx

  10. I love those items! But today my favourite is that wonderfull and sweet blush, maybe because I need to buy a new one and my greedy wallet is trying to resist.

    I hope you are having a pretty day,
    see you.

  11. all fabulous items, we love the grey top!


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  12. A wishlist that sticks to a budget is such a good idea! All of these are such bargains, especially those Monki items! I think the favourites are the sandals, I love a bit of neon.
    Thanks for your really lovely comment on my blog by the way :) xxx

  13. nice choices! perfect for warm, summer weather :)

    -Samantha Mariko


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