Sunday, 13 November 2011


Happy Sunday everyone! I am in a wonderful mood which is brilliant because this week has been 'one of those weeks'. I've been so up and down but had such a good night out Friday, a cheeky TGI's yesterday and a whole day being lazy/in bed today so have had the best of all worlds and forgotten all about work for a couple of days, definitely needed! What's everyone else been up to this weekend? I'm starting to really look forward to Christmas too, I'm going to be uncontrollable come December! 

A little round up of some outfits and things I've been doing because I've been absolutely loving taking pictures on my new Iphone. Having a flash has significantly improved my life! I'm going to curl up in bed now, full to busting from dinner, and watch X Factor/90210/Grey's Anatomy (and considering getting into I'm a Celeb this series too) before I need to get down to some serious work again tomorrow. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday evening and that you all have brilliant weeks ahead. Positive vibes for an outfit post this week! Love to everyone reading, commenting and following



  1. I'm starting to feel very christmassy too! Gives anybody a reason to smile!

  2. Can't believe all the christmas stuff is coming out already, this year's gone too fast!!
    Lovelovelove the leopard nails in the pic, so awesome.


  3. lovely collage of photos!

  4. I love your silly Movember moustache! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Great blog and very nice post. Have a lovely week <3<3

  6. i'm on ups and downs too, it's winter time.. like your blog, fesh and warm at once :)
    wish you a wonderful december, full of xmas feelings!

  7. Insane nail art, I am looking forward to Christmas too! Exciting times.

    Love how positive you are in your posts!
    I really enjoy those day too when you just relax and do nothing - there rare but sometimes you just need a PJ day.

    Hollie X


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