Friday, 24 February 2012

Cheap and cheerful

Recently I have been on the biggest budget/spending ban of my life and it's pretty boring. I have however been learning to hunt for bargains and miracle bargain products and 2 of them are my true loves at the minute. I've been having problems with my skin for the first time in my life, but not spots, blocked pores. Now, I would have loved to have just gone out and spent £20/£30 on some high end product but it just wasn't possible. In Boots one day I just decided to pick up the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser for £3.99 and I haven't looked back. I never have hot water in my student house, so cleansing at the sink can be a bit of a problem for my skin but this is an easy product to use and it has really cleared up my skin and left my pores much less visible. If you have dry skin however, this probably isn't the one for you!

My hair is finally getting a little bit longer and I feel like I want to start styling it a bit more again. I've become obsessed by peoples curly or wavy hair and when I mentioned the Enrapture tongs to my mum we decided we needed to get up to Boots asap. In my local store there wasn't any Enrapture products available but we did spot the Babyliss pro curls tongs for about £20 and thought we might as well give them a go. Let me tell you, these do the trick! They're easy to use again and on my hair they were really effective for giving loose, soft curls and I'm sure I could conjure up something more extreme and glam if I wished. For those of you on a budget who I feel in need of a little pampering and a beauty boost, these have definitely got my recommendation! 
Do you have any miracle bargain products that you swear by?



  1. My number one bargain product is PanOxyl, it's a gel that is amazing for spots. You can pick it up at a pharmacy for about £2, it works incredibly and I'll never stop using it!
    I'm desperate for these curling tongs but I'm on a spending ban :(

    Mollie xo

  2. ah I could do with a new curler! my fave hair thing is tangle teezers, not really a bargain but so worth it! helped my hair stay healthy :) x

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