Sunday, 19 February 2012


Breakfast: Just a few mixers: V day face: Pina Coladaaa: Everybody needs to try Fireball and apple juice: V day roses: New Look jumper and velvet skirt: So yummy: Blood Brothers: More cocktails: My face again: Styling out a drunken injury

Things are crazy busy at the minute so I really apologise that I can't be a better blogger! So in love with you all keep commenting and following, you're brill. I spent another weekend at home this weekend for a pre-bday day with my mum and my sisters and it was honestly my best day yet this year by far. We went to see Blood Brothers and it was so brilliant, I am a sucker for stage shows. We also has a massive lunch and drank as man cocktails as we could physically manage so all in all a very satisfactory day. I've got eBay orders to pack and send at the beginning of this week and then lots of lovely bits and pieces and then my 21st so it's another hectic one but I'll be back ASAP! 

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  1. thanks for sharing the pics,im having a hnm versace giveaway come join

  2. cute blog you have here! i just happen to come across it! i love the shoes in the last photo!

  3. Your hair looks lovely in your V. Day picture!
    Let's face it, it's a skill to be able to disguise a drunken stumble so well :D

    Mollie xo

  4. wonderful blog..

    check mine and follow me and i'll follow you back ;)

    bisou from italy

  5. i want to spend my sunday like you!
    nice blog you have

    Lau' from :

  6. I love Blood Brothers. Might have to convince my boyfriend that he wants to take me to see it again. Your shoes totally distract from your injury - I didn't notice it at first x

  7. I´m happy here watching your job in this post.

  8. Awwww dont worry about it too much hun. Im kinda crazy hectic too but we do what we can. Anyway great set of images to tide us over though! ^_^


  9. I wanna ask about those shoes too! Doesn't seem to be Unif Hellraisers...


  10. Love our shoes! I'm now following you.
    Claudia xxx

  11. this is soo cool, i have the same shoes as you,. you have great taste hehe. your soo pretty too :) xx

  12. Amazing photography!!! Your styles amazing.. Check out my NEW blog xoxo


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