Sunday, 3 June 2012


Giant tea bag at uni: 2 hours of delays: Dads old records: Jubilee shortbread tin: pay day: finally picked these two up: beaut: sparkly nails: Topshop boutique dress: uni exhibition: love No 7 vouchers: Mac treats
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I'm so sorry I've been so poor at blogging. Preparations for Graduate Fashion Week are crazy, had to make 120 goodie bags this week, and I mean actually make the bag from scratch and everything. Next weekend it starts and the AUCB's stand is going to be pretty brill so I'll definitely show you all somehow! I'm very much enjoying all this jubilee business this week, love a bit of patriotism and quality family time. What are you getting up to over the 4 day weekend?



  1. Oh wow making those bags sounds like a lot of hard work, hope you get to relax a bit over the weekend! That nail polish looks so pretty xxx

  2. Cool pics!!!

    Kisses from Italy


  3. The nail polish photo stole my heart. It's the perfect hue and you apply it very well! x

    sending you happy spells

  4. the pug!!!i can just stare at the pug!!! i love them. if i'd have a little more time that would be the first thing i'd buy.

    head + heels

  5. Sounds like you have it full on at the moment, hope everything goes well - definitely try to get some pictures of them! Would love to see.

    Hollie x


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