Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Holiday Essentials #1

001. I don't know if anyone finds it odd that I take a tanner away with me?! But I just find it so hard to tan and I need a little help at the beginning of my holiday to feel comfortable with all that extra skin on show. My legs especially are colourless and very resistant to any form of natural tan so this is a must have!
002. I won't be without bright finger nails and toe nails and this year I'm taking all my favourite polishes from the Models Own 'Hed Kandi' collection away with me. I find that being in and out of the pool a lot means that my nails chip and peel quite quickly so I'll probably be redoing them every couple of days.
003. I try to use holiday as a break from using heat on my hair because the chlorine etc does enough damage and I actually prefer to be a bit more natural when I'm away anyway! For me, if I'm not using heat I cannot live without a hair oil and a hair serum to reduce the fluffiness and major fly away problem I seem to have. I also like to condition my hair regularly and fully and Aussie's leave in conditioner is an easy and effective way for me to do this.
004. I've fallen out of love a bit with my Clinique skincare routine. While there's no doubt it has improved my skin a lot, I think that it might just be a bit too harsh and drying for me. A two week holiday seemed like the perfect length of time to test the Liz Earle try me kit to see if this works better. I'm really looking forward to using it! As I wear a lot less makeup when I'm away this is about all I'll take in terms of skin care, but as I'll be in France I'll probably be buying some anyway!

What are some of your holiday essentials?


Sunday, 29 July 2012


Tea break in the sunshine: Picnic: Perfect day off: My baby gals: Trying Liz Earle: This week
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It's been a busy working week for me this week so I'm feeling tired and happy to have time off next week to finally get prepared for my holiday! This time next week I'll be in France at the beginning of a blissful 2 week holiday. My first port of call is going to be bottles and bottles of Bioderma I think! Have you got any exciting plans coming up?


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion

The sun is shining and we're having to show a little bit more skin all of a sudden so I felt it the perfect time to share with you my favourite gradual tanner! Having had this recommended by a couple of people and always thinking they looked the perfect colour after using it, I picked my up my own bottle in Boots when it was half price so only around £3. This states it is a gradual tanner, but unlike others I've used, I see a really great colour pay off with this the next day. This is great for someone as pale (and lazy) as me but also means you have to be a bit more careful than you might be with similar products with a less immediate tanning effect. 

I exfoliate and moisturise as I would with any other tanning product, and then apply the lotion where I need a bit of colour and sometimes a tiny bit to my face as well. You can apply with a glove/mitt or just with your hands as long as you thoroughly wash them after, I have fallen foul of tell tale stained palms before!! The smell might not be to everyone's taste but I personally like it and find my skin feels very soft and smooth after use due to the cocoa butter. At only £5.35 a bottle I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quick fix or a little summer glow that they can easily maintain.

What's your favourite tanning product?


Monday, 23 July 2012


Eating Croque Monsieur and getting in the mood for my holiday to France: Trying a new foundation: Super cheap sale buys: Favourite gradual tanner: First Graze box: 17 'Tropical Island' and Models Own 'Ibiza Mix'
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Sorry it's a day late! My weekend was a blur of bad days at work, family and BBQ food. Very pleasant but no time for blogging. This week I'll miss most of the sunshine because I'm working 6 days but I am going on holiday in under 2 weeks so I can't complain really!


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Nothing to wear

Cardigan: Primark, Tee: Topshop, Fur Stole: Topshop, Necklace: H&M

I was having one of those 'wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear' days today and ended up throwing on a pretty uninspiring jeans and tshirt combo. I thought I would make it a bit more interesting and fight the breeze with my Topshop fur stole which has been missing from my life recently. For me, it was the perfect comfy and casual outfit for a day where I was just running errands and up to nothing special. Sorry if it's a little bit boring for you guys but I haven't posted an outfit in a while and my day off today seemed like a good opportunity, if only I'd been feeling a little more outfit inspired. I am a massive fan of Models Own 'beach party' - it's been on my nails since Sunday when I finally bought it!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil £6.99 Boots

It isn't quite pay day for me yet but while I was in Boots the other day I really felt the need to pick up a few hair and skincare bits as a little pick me up and this caught my eye. I've seen it mentioned before but I always feel a bit sceptical about how well cheaper products like this will really work. I haven't tried Moroccan oil as the price tag has just always seemed a little extreme for a student so I can't say how this version compares, but my hair has been calling out for something for a long time and I think I've found just the thing. I get a lot of fluffiness when I leave my hair to dry naturally and when I blow dry and it just tends to feel dry and coarse after a bit of a run of colouring, bleaching and heat styling. Just a little bit of product through to the tips of my towel dried hair reduces any fluffiness dramatically and leaves it feeling soft and manageable until my next hair wash. And the best part is, at only £6.99 this is incredibly affordable for a product that works so well. I'm really glad to have added this product to my hair routine and I would definitely recommend it! What's your favourite hair product?


Sunday, 15 July 2012


Best kind of dinner: Olympic torch in Newbury: Froot Loops!: Some treats from Boots: Best smoothies: Models Own Beach Party
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I've had the most beautiful day today with my family. A big lunch, lots of homemade smoothies and lots of laughing was just what I needed after yesterdays nightmare of trying to clean my uni house. I hope you all had a lovely Sunday too! What did you get up to?


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dream Catcher


Pierrot le Fou set, 1965.
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Not so much time to blog this week which is a shame. I've been juggling two jobs (not an interesting outfit in sight at either) and yesterday I went to see the Olympic torch relay through my town which was actually such good fun. I've been treating myself to a couple of hair and skin care bits in Boots on my lunch breaks so I'll let you know how I get on with them! I thought I'd do a little picture post today as I haven't in so long and I like a bit of variety! How's your week been so far?


Sunday, 8 July 2012


Getting ready for Wireless: Topshop, AA and H&M: Wiz Khalifa: Clearly having a great time: Balearic Cool: Topshop buys
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It's been a good weekend this weekend. I got paid on Friday so I was able to treat myself to a couple of things, my best buy being the Real Techniques core collection brushes (at last!!) after my old buffing brush started shedding like something else after a wash. Nothing new to say on them really, they are definitely worth a purchase! Yesterday I spent the day at Wireless and it was really good fun but if it had been nicer weather and I hadn't been rained on during Drake I would probably be raving about it more. Just want to say a quick thank you for all the lovely comments I've been receiving, and especially thank you to those of you who comment on every post, it's so nice to see the same faces over and over again! 

How was your weekend? Does anyone have anything exciting planned for the week ahead?


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Current Favourites

Nails: Models Own in Balearic Cool, Hedonist and Ibiza Mix, Lips: Benefit in Lady's Choice and Mac in Creme Cup, Eyes: Both No. 7, Face: Bare Minerals in 'Warmth' and Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

001.I haven't been able to paint my nails for a few weeks because I have a job which is pretty strict against nail varnish but after my shift tonight I will be painting them in one of these. I have hedonist on my toe nails at the minute, I'm just in love with the Hed Kandi collection still!
002.When the sun does pop out for five minutes, I love wearing Creme Cup because it's just so pretty. I find myself wearing Lady's Choice a lot to work because it's really subtle and moisturising but still a beautiful and flattering colour
003.I've always been a bit sceptical about eyelash curlers but I bought these with a No. 7 voucher so only spent about £2 on them and they really do work to open up the eyes and enhance my lashes. Lash adapt is one of my favourite mascaras, if not my absolute favourite. It's so easy to build and create different looks with and it doesn't smudge.
004. I've had this bare minerals bronzer for a long time but always thought the colour looked a bit scary for my pale skin tone. It's actually very subtle and easy to blend, I've been loving experimenting with it. I bought Mac's 'Soft and Gentle' after hearing so much hype about it and wanting a new highlighter. It's a beauty, so pretty and so much product for your money!

What are your current favourites?


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Holiday List

Dip Dye Tee: Topshop £18, Drawstring Skirt: £10, Sandals: Office £25, Grey Tee: Topshop £16, Nail Polish: Models Own £5: Blush: Sleek £10, Floral Trousers: Monki £12, Floral Top: Monki £4.80,

I am aware that it is horrific and raining outside but to me that seems like all the more reason to get excited and prepared for my summer holiday. I haven't had two weeks away since I can remember so I think that definitely deserves a bit of a spend on some holiday items, but with massive deposits and a new passport to be paid for, I definitely can't allow myself to go too crazy. While the weather is uninspiring, the high street is actually full of lovely colours and prints and fabrics and a lot of it is on sale which is brill. I thought I would see if I could find some versatile holiday staples within a £100 budget to give my wardrobe and my makeup bag a bit of a boost for going away. This is what I came up with! Everything pictured comes to £100.80, but with my well loved student card it would be well under the £100 mark which I think is pretty good. Let me know what you think and what you think your holiday staples for £100 would be!


Sunday, 1 July 2012


Pond water v strawberries and cream: This should not be a summer outfit:Peach Melba: H&M sunglasses: Peach Melba and Ibiza Mix: Showing me how it's done
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It's been a bit of a weird one this week, working lots of trial shifts and in lots of different places! I started my new job on Friday which was great, my 14 hour day yesterday has left me a little sleepy today though. I went for lunch and shopping with my sister today which was the perfect way to end the week. Next week is more work and wireless festival at the weekend which is exciting! How was your weekend?