Sunday, 7 October 2012


Wise advice from my mum: Monki order: 3 for 2 Boots goodies: Kate Moss matte lipstick love: Love my Monki glass keepers: Looper date

So week 1 is done in my last winter term ever of uni eeek, only 9 more to go! I've had a project brief and my dissertation brief and although I am completely pooing myself about the realness and the importance of it all, I am definitely excited to finish uni and get into the industry etc etc. Stable income is exciting when you've been a student for 4 years. This weekend my boyfriend visited and I took advantage of the slightly less pressure that first week brings and took a little trip to the shops and to Costa, went to see Looper and finished the first season of Revenge (amazing!). I'm going to get serious about it all tomorrow though which is terrifying! Anybody else in a similar situation?



  1. Love the lipsticks! x

  2. I'm in my final year too! Definitely sympathise/understand the dissertation woes :( my final title has to be submitted by tuesday- panic panic!! Like the look of your Boots 3 for 2 purchases :) xx

  3. i am toooooo :( i finished uni last year but doing my MA now and it is so intense already! my dissertation tutor is a real nut job as well lol!
    it is really stressful but will be so worth it :) and i knowwww, i can't wait to be in a career now its no fun earning no money i want to skip to my mid twenties and get on with my life!!
    good photos babe and you're looking really slim :) xxx


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