Monday, 8 October 2012

Jenny Craig Week 1

Today marks the midway point of my two weeks on Jenny Craig so I thought I'd let anyone that's interested know how I've got on so far! If you haven't heard of Jenny Craig, it's basically a diet food plan that provides you with all your meals and snacks where you just have to add salad, fruits and veg throughout the day along with some other bits such as proteins and fats sometimes. The meals are all so quick and easy to prepare and having it all delivered to your door is incredibly convenient! The weekly consultations are informative and non-pressured and help with keeping you focused and on track with the plan. 

Like a literal answer to my prayers, after a weekend of complete and utter over-indulgement at Bestival, I came home to find an email from the lovely Lauren offering me the 14 day trial. I couldn't have thought of anything more perfect after having had not just one but two Byron burgers from their Bestival stall (eek!!) and an incredible amount of cider and other high calorie drinks. I decided to start the trial when I got back to uni and was in a better routine. I have found it an absolute breeze so far because the meals are all so tasty and the information provided is all so helpful and keeps me on track. The breakfasts of porridge and muesli have been my favourite part and have been keeping me full up all morning. The only meal I haven't been keen on finishing was the pea and ham soup but almost everything else has been to my taste! I've never gone hungry and have in fact not been at all hungry for some of the mid morning and afternoon snacks that are scheduled, which is crazy as my calorie level is only 1,200. I already feel like the Jenny Craig plan has helped me learn better habits in regards to portion sizes and adding fruit and veg to every meal, not just dinner. I've saved up all the days that have my favourite foods for next week so I'm sure I'll enjoy that even more but I will let you know!

If you're interested in the Jenny Craig plan, you can visit their website here