Friday, 12 October 2012

Current Favourites

It's been a while since I last did one of these, mainly because I stick to my favourite products for a long time and don't change it up all that much. But, now it's a new season I've noticed I'm using a few different products which I'm really enjoying and thought I would share with you lovely people!

001. I'm still waiting on my Models Own summer sale order (anyone else?!) but in the meantime I've been going for these two gorgeous Chanel shades on and off with the UO top coat if I'm feeling a bit sparkly! The Essie base coat is so good for giving a flawless manicure as it completely smoothes out the nails.
002. I adore my Bioderma and I've used nothing else to remove my makeup since I got back from France in August. With the winter weather well and truly starting and my skin feeling a bit dull and dry, this No 7 exfoliator has been a great rescue on bad skin days. It's not too harsh and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.
003. I've has a semi-permanent colour put on my hair and I'm wanting to make it last as long as possible but still want to tame the fluffiness where it's quite dry. This little Aussie combo has been doing the trick so far.
004. I was given the Lancome mascara and was unsure whether I'd like it because I am SO picky about mascaras, but I actually really do love it and find it makes my lashes look really long and full. The rimmel nude eyeliner is well worth the hype for making your eyes look brighter and more awake. And, do I really need to say anything on the Naked palette? My favourite for daytime and night time looks at the minute.
005. I'd never tried the Kate Moss lipsticks before last week but I can see that I will be purchasing many more and making them a staple in my makeup bag. The matte shade 107 is an amazing autumnal tone and I find it really easy to wear and a lovely formula, even on my quite dry lips. I had to include this Collection illuminating concealer, this is amazing for under eye circles (and my lasting perfection concealer for blemishes).

What are your favourites at the minute?



  1. I already received my models own order last week, hopefully so will you soon ;) The Chanel Nail polish looks so good. I love bioderma, it's so good. xo

  2. I have the Naked2 palette and LOVE it. I am very curious about the original now though, I want!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. I really want to try the bioderma stuff! could do with a new make up remover.& I just discovered Kate moss lipsticks too ha,loving them!x


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