Wednesday, 17 October 2012


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Boohoo, no camera so I'm going to have to go with instagrams and found images for a little while I'm afraid. I'm at the beginning of a short 10 week fashion product project and my dissertation at the minute and both are children/youth based hence the slight childish theme. I love tumblr for organising my thoughts and inspirations at the beginning of projects! Please feel free to leave links to any of yours in the comments and I'll definitely check them out, perfect form of procrastination!

I just thought I'd take the opportunity for some final thoughts on my two weeks on Jenny Craig. I had hoped to do a better post with some more images but the burglary has kind of gotten in the way of all that and because I went home unexpectedly as a result I finished about a day and a half early, although I've made the effort to use up what I missed at the beginning of this week. I would save it for another time but it's probably best to do it while it's all fresh in my head. First of all I'm going to say how over the moon I was to find out that I lost around 5/6 lbs on the diet plan! For two weeks of pretty enjoyable food and never feeling hungry I think this is amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that feels like they need to get out of some bad habits. While I can't afford to continue on the plan on my student budget, I have adopted the basic principles of the plan (such as small but regular meals and fruit with my breakfast and salad with my lunch) to incorporate my own foods and I'm hoping to carry on losing a few more lbs if I don't fall into dangerous uni habits of snacking on chocolate when I'm stressed! If you're intrigued check out their website here. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to try the diet and would definitely consider it again after uni as I was so impressed with how easy it was to stick to.



  1. i'm really sorry your house got burgled, hope they catch them soon and you're all reimbursed for everything you've lost!
    oh and congrats on the weight loss! mine has kind of ground to a standstill lol what with the uni stress!!

  2. I hope everything turns around for you, being burgled must have been awful :( Thanks for sharing these pics though, I love the fifi lapin rabbit and the minnie mouse style hair buns! I did my hair like that for a costume party I went to a few weeks back - I was Minnie of course haha

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  3. I hope everything starts going better, I feel so bad that you were burgled - thats so awful and invading feeling =(

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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