Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeling fresh

 Top: Topshop, Shirt: Only, Trousers: Peacocks, Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I've managed to steal my boyfriends internet for the evening! Our connection should happen sometime this week so I shouldn't be too absent after all. We had a house warming gathering last night and I'm not quite sure what I drank but I definitely wasn't entirely in control of what I was saying or doing, oh dear. Settling back into student life very nicely and looking forward to (re)freshers week. Hows everyone liking starting uni or being back? Anyone succumbed to freshers flu yet?! 

Just a terrible photo I took before our party last night and a photo booth special of my makeup which I quite liked but you can't see terribly well, god why have I even bothered with pictures! Does anyone else find dressing for house parties the most awkward thing, especially your own? I was like, do I wear shoes, do I dress down, can I wear a jacket? I didn't really like my outfit for that reason, I prefer to get more dressed up when I'm partying and I wish I'd worn my hair straight. That's the problem with taking photos of my outfits like this, makes me realise that I didn't look as good as I thought I did in the mirror, which is obviously quite distressing. Getting used to where I can take photos in my new room and as it gets darker earlier now I need to make sure I take photos in time or I'm going to get this horrible lighting! I'll figure it out. Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog within the next few days and another thankyou to everyone who has been commenting, was lovely to log into blogger and see such kind words



  1. I want your hair!
    You've got great blog!
    I'll be reading !


  2. Love your outfit, leopard print and denim is such a good match.

    Dressing for house parties is always a hard one! And my freshers doesn't start fro another 2 weeks, I really can't wait! Hope you're having fun! x

  3. ohh you look soooo pretty!!! omg !! that first picture of you is just dazzling!!!

    I agree, housewarming parties on your own house make any outfit look a bit awkward because of the circunstances! And that happens to me too, I feel like when I'm taking pictures to post an outfit I allways look worse than I'd thought... but you look GORGEOUS.


  4. love the leopard print top, you look great =)

  5. Yes, I know what you mean about dressing for house parties, I hate feeling too casual if everyone is dressed up and vice versa!

  6. Great outfit, I love that leopard print top x

  7. Oh my gosh I'm the exact same, dressing for house parties is definitely a gamble!You look great in your outfit though good choice!
    Tilly M x

  8. I've never been to a house warming party before.
    Oh that sounds so noobish. But they seem hard to dress for. I think your outfit looks good, but everyone always looks better in front of the mirror. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Love the leopard print top. I usually overdress for house parties, because people in California are super casual, but I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed. Your outfit looks great. What shoes did you wear?

  10. Pretty post ! :D
    Love your blog :)
    Follow me too ^^

  11. You should give yourself more credit--your shirt is too cute!

  12. You look great with your leopard print top. We love it.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  13. love the top!!!
    pass to my blog and follow :)

  14. ... and looking fresh!!

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  15. I like your blog, you have great style


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