Thursday, 1 September 2011

Never change your spots

As a student with an unhealthy need to spend, I have decided that for this winter I want focus more on creating a kind of  'capsule wardrobe', no matter how much I hate the phrase. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of an entire wardrobe made up of 20 or so pieces (I am a fashion student after all!) but I am a big believer in investing a bit more money in some garments that the rest of your clothes can work around. By purchasing a few higher quality pieces, I'm hoping that maybe one or two purchases a month can fit in to keep my style current but still remaining good quality on my tight budget! I'm sure that not everyone will agree, but leopard print jeans/trousers are one of the items that I am regarding more and more as an essential part of my wardrobe for the upcoming A/W. I have already ticked off boots, a couple of pairs of smarter trousers, a  sweater and a good dress from my list and this could just complete the set! 

Looking at Ring My Bell earlier today my attention was drawn to the Current/Elliot beauties, but no matter how much I try to stretch my final paycheck of the summer, I'm not sure the £200 can be justified. I remembered seeing the Whistles cigarette pants on a recent shopping trip and they are slightly more affordable at £125, but although I adore the small spot print, I am pretty sure the cut wouldn't flatter me anywhere near as much. At the other end of the scale, these cropped skinnies from River Island (which I found on Asos) are a complete bargain but just not quite right. I feel like a might hold on to see if other high street stores produce what I'm looking for, and in the meantime I might just have to buy the Topshop leopard print leggings to satisfy my craving. 

What are your opinions on leopard print trousers/leopard print in general? Is it over done or do you think it's fabulous? And if anybody can point me in the direction of my dream pair I will be forever in your debt!



  1. Really want a pair of these in my life!

    Helen, X

  2. I love leopard print! <3 I have some tops in hot pink and a bag.

  3. oh my gosh!
    i saw these current/elliotts at barneys and wanted them so badly!
    so cute!
    you have a wonderful blog!
    i will visit again!



  4. I love leopard print. Honestly, I consider it a classic print. I actually quite like the River Island pair, but the Current/Elliots are such a lovely colour!


  5. I love leopard print! You always need something with a bold print in your wardrobe, Essential! (:
    Lovely blog, new follower!


  6. Thankyou for all your comments girls! I totally agree, leopard print is such a staple for me these days, I have a leopard print vest which is my go to when I can't find anything for a night out and everytime I wear it I feel just as fab!


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