Sunday, 4 September 2011

Wishful Sunday


Some phone shots from this week. It was a relatively good one because of the unexpected sunshine! I chilled a lot, worked a bit and spent some quality time with my sisters. I probably drank more than usual but that's ok once in a while! I acquired 2 new dresses, one which I splashed out on myself and one which was a gift so it wasn't a horrendous week for my bank account. Will show you the new freebie properly soon because I love it!

Most importantly, this week I started wishful sinful and have seen more views and comments than I would have ever expected in my first, slightly dodgy week and I'm really happy and grateful for that. I think it's lovely that so many of you stop to comment, makes me think that I'm not just rambling to myself.

Hope you've had lovely weeks and weekends too, what did you get up to? Are many people back to school next week or off to uni soon? I'm going back to uni on the 24th and the countdown has well and truly begun, so excited to get back into it and move into my lovely new house with my gorgeous housemates! In other news, I just sneezed 8 times in row and then did another 5, someone reassure me that this isn't completely abnormal?!




  1. Yes I too am due back to uni this coming October. thanks for your comment lovely

    Hollie x

  2. The dress is so beautiful! <3 P.s. I just sneezed 12 times in a row! haha!

    Lost in the Haze


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