Monday, 5 September 2011

wishful wishlist

Boots:Office, Jacket:Topshop, Tshirt:Topshop Boutique, Bag:Moschino, Jeans:Current/Elliott

Bag:Zara, Shoes:Topshop, Bracelet:Vivienne Westwood, Dress:Topshop Boutique

Today hasn't been exciting or glamorous and I'm struggling to want to do much more than curl up in front of celebrity big brother. I know, I'm disgusted that I let myself get hooked again as well but has anyone else been completely won over? I looked after my 3 nephews this morning from 8.30 and then went on a run this evening with my mums two pugs and my sister, but after one of the animals made a bid for freedom the run wasn't all that successful. I've been following the couch to 5k running plan, and as a self confessed 'non-runner' since about 4 weeks ago, I can safely say that it works so would urge you to try it if you fancy some exercise! 

Just a bit of eye candy for today, I'm working tomorrow so I'll see what I can fit in but I'm hoping to attempt a proper outfit post on Wednesday or Thursday when I have the day off! As you can probably gather, the first selection is what I would have for a new daytime outfit in an ideal world and the second is what I would wear by night if uni wasn't fast approaching and if I didn't need to save most of my pennies for food shopping and bills, boooo.


  1. Great picks- I love all those pieces! Especially those Topshop heels!

  2. I'm so obsessed with pugs, I wish my mum wasn't allergic to dogs! Pretty shoes anyway. x hivenn

  3. Thankyou for your comments everyone :)

  4. love all these pieces!!! specially the little black studded bag, been looking for one since my last one decided to disappear! payday couldn't come any sooner!

    K xXx

  5. Awesome wishlist, I would totally wear every item there!!!


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