Saturday, 24 September 2011

High hair and high waists

So, just in case you didn't know already as I've not mentioned it quite enough times, I'm back to uni today (I have scheduled this post, first time so a bit unsure about it). Bad news is that we don't have an internet connection just yet so blogging might just be a little slow for the next week. While I'm at it, any advice on internet/tv packages? We're a house of 6 girls and I fear that we're going to be fairly useless! Bare with me though, because as I will be going out a lot pretending I'm a fresher again there will be plenty of outfits and lolz to share so I will promise to be worth the wait! 

Thought I would do another photo post today as last weeks was so popular! Just photos that I find personally inspiring, exciting or beautiful that some of you might enjoy (they're all reblogs or posts from my tumblr so you will find credits there). Might make this a weekly feature, what do people think? Or should I just do it as and when I feel like it? I don't know how I feel about weekly post kind of things as I just post what I feel like each day and share with you what I hope is something interesting. You can find my tumblr here if you're interested and if you've got a tumblr you'd like me to check out leave the link in the comments and I will drop by! Hopefully I will be able to blog on Sunday or Monday, but  if not I will be back soon



  1. I like all these photos. I think you should just post whatever you feel, but that's just me. That girls fur jacket is so awesome,kind of as awesome as your blog. Hope you have fun at uni.

  2. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  3. these images are breathtaking!
    hope your living situation works out! I dont want to not get to visit your blog! :)

    All the best,

  4. love this collage, I adore the Olsen's!

  5. Hi, your blog is amazing!
    I really love the shots :)

    Check out mine!

  6. Ahh that big fluffy fur coat is divine! Great collection of pics!!

  7. Love that post :) keep on posting great stuff xx

  8. loving the last picture - wish i had a pair of highwaisted jeans like that

  9. I love this pictures! A true inspiration.



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