Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wishful Sunday

Hungry, Hungry!, Leopard print nails, Run that nearly killed me,Going out, Massive Urban Outfitters changing rooms in bath, New Jumper

I actually quite enjoyed work today, it was quiet but I kept myself busy and it flew by. Uni is getting closer and while I'm excited, I know I have so much to do before I go back and also have a summer project I should be doing/have done but it's so unmotivational. And it's not marked so I keep telling myself that I can put it off! Anybody else been given summer work? Does anyone actually do it or put huge amounts of effort into it? I was quite lazy last year, hope to up my game a bit for 2nd year! Just a bit of a summary of my week in photos today,  it was quite a good one, I ate well at least and spent quality time with loved ones which is always worthwhile. What did you all get up to? 

Thank you still to all of you that are commenting and following and even viewing! I'm absolutely loving blogging and reading what everyone has to say, you are all so lovely :) Anything people would like to see more of, or anything different people would like to see me post about? Would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. On a final note, I have to say I have found the 10th anniversary of 9/11 such a poignant day. I remember the tragedy so clearly, it was just so awful and such an awful display of the worst of human nature. It's great to see so much effort put into commemorating those that died and I'm proud to see everyone come together to remember and pay respect and show that most of us are caring and compassionate people!



  1. Summer homework is just NOT fair! I, like most people, used to always leave any summer uni projects right till the last minute. The holidays always fly by and then I'd end up trying to cobble something together in the last few days! If it's not marked that would kill my motivation all together!

  2. completely agree, have been given quite a bit to do over the summer, but have been 'too busy' and now with 2 weeks to go i'm going to have to get it all done. With going into my 3rd year now everything counts, so i think it's going to be a few late nights all ready =( enjoy your second year my dear!!! it goes way to quick!!!

    K xXx

  3. Gorgous going out outfit! And gorgeous blog!

  4. love the colours you chose for your leopard print nails! :)

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