Sunday, 18 September 2011

What I bought

Top photo: All Primark. Middle photo: Leggings and flats, Topshop. Top, H&M. Bottom photo: All Tiger.

Oh dear, I may have bought quite a lot today, but in all honesty I didn't spend any more than I intended and I came away with wayyy more. It was an efficient little trip, about 2/3 hours in total  and I am totally over the moon with what I got. I wasn't able to make my Lush purchase as it was being refurbished but I will save that for another time as I also want to go on the hunt for a good red or pink lipstick, a chunky knit jumper and maybe a felt fedora.  Primark was pretty good today, loads of lovely scarves and bags. The jeans are great by the way, almost identical to my last pair of Topshop Jamie's and a ridiculous £9?!! Will let you know how well they keep their shape though. I wanted to buy a jumper from there also, but I left it behind on the basis that it was black and I'd rather a colour or a grey, so the hunt continues. The little top from H&M was only a tenner and I am so in love with it, another shop with lots of beautiful items in stock today. The Topshop flats I have wanted for ages so I slipped them on out of curiosity and my feet felt so at home that I had to have them. The leather look leggings are causing me the biggest dilemma, I dont know whether or not to swap them for the trousers, any advice? They are brill though but I'll have to swap them anyway because they are a little scuffed in one part. My little haul from a shop called Tiger is making me so happy! Look at all those sketchbooks, and they were only £2/3, anyone that studies an arts subject will understand the woes of expensive sketchbooks! Big fan of the heart shaped buckets I got to put jewellery etc in, excited to have all these little bits in my uni room now! 

I'm getting an early night tonight, work just rang and have decided as a leaving present for tomorrow I can work 8.30-6. Fab. Has anyone else been shopping and picked up some good bits this weekend? Do share any wonderful bargains or beautiful things if you have! Oh and hello and thankyou to all of my new followers and all of you lovelies leaving such brilliant comments, you make my day with it all, seriously! 



  1. I can't believe the great finds you got from Primark! I go and see nothing and leave - next time I shall look better! You got some lovely things and obviously I approve of the Topshop shoes - everyone has to have a bit of leopard print! Thanks for your comment by the way :)

    Hollie X

  2. The dress in the second photo looks lovely!!

  3. Last year I got a pair of H&M leathery leggings... those that were sort of double? anyone knows what I mean? they were "leather" at the front and fabric on the rest which turned out to be quite a waste of money. they had this minnor lack of lining and the 2nd time I put them on they teared in this really inconvenient place ( luckilly I was wearing black underwear) and that was the end of them.

    So... be carefun about their linig if you want them tight or if you don't mind, my advice would be for you to buy a couple sizes larger...


  4. Aah lucille you lucky little thing! I sadly have 100% no money to spend! Oh em gee I love tiger so much, in the past I've bought a cute tea bag tin and a blue tea light holder but i didn't actually know they did sketchbooks! Sooo making my way to Finchley to get myself stocked up for the year! :D xxx

  5. Love the bag, the scarf the black dress!

  6. I actually want the top :)

  7. I love the peter pan collar top, have been looking for one of those for quite a while now! Am loving your blog - am a new reader, but I love it and will keep checking for updates.

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to take a look at my fashion and gossip blog

  8. Ohhh love the jeans - such a nice colour! Great buys :)

  9. nice blog*

  10. Thank you !
    Maybe we can follow each other ? =)


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