Friday, 2 September 2011

Oh, Rosie

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather if you are experiencing this unexpected sunshine too! I have been having a lovely time having drinks by the canal and have decided to continue the party tonight. Obviously a night out on a day like today should be justified by a fabulous outfit so I was so excited to see my new Motel dress waiting when I got home just now and I just had to write about it. Motel is a brand that has seen me through my most extreme partying phases, becoming a staple and a go to when I wanted to feel great and look good.

 I tried the Rosie dress on in Peach recently and was won over completely once again. It's hugely flattering for my curvy figure (and big boobs!) but peach was just not a good colour for me. So I got home and ordered the dress in teal (it comes in a variety of colours and prints and there's a similar playsuit too, I think I will be ordering a least one more). It's a gorgeous colour, a perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. I cannot urge people to try this dress enough, it's my new favourite. There are plenty of discount codes out there, and free postage is always a winner in my books. I can see this dress flattering a range of figures, I think the flared skirt and fitted waist would create curves on someone slimmer than me. You can see the different colours here, let me know if you order anything!

What do you think of the Rosie dress and Motel in general? What are your favourite motel items? Also hello to all you lovely people that have been viewing, commenting and following, it makes my day to know that people are reading and enjoying what I'm writing so early on and makes me so excited to continue with wishful sinful. Thankyou so much
and please say hello and let me know what you think!

I'll leave you with a dodgy photobooth shot of tonights makeup and will try to include an outfit shot tomorrow! I'm in a hurry!



  1. You look beautiful, you have lovely eyes! And the dress is very cute, I love both the color and the cut:)

    Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  2. Holy cow, those dresses are absolutely to die for!! Sadly, with the conversion rate they are just too expensive for me :(


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