Saturday, 3 September 2011

Last Night...

Jacket: Primark
Dress: Motel
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Topshop

Just a quick post today to show you how I wore my new Motel dress yesterday night. I had a great night, the lovely weather really helps. I did drink some tequila though which has made me a bit worse for wear today. Tonight I'm playing it as low key as possible as I have work at 9 am tomorrow even though we don't open until 10.30 so God knows what they'll have me doing at that blasphemous time on a Sunday. I really wanted to take a proper photo of my outfit as I know it makes all the difference but I was in such a hurry and was struggling without a tripod. If the interest is there to see further outfit shots I will purchase one asap! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend, keep commenting, I'm really enjoying reading them and seeing all of your lovely blogs.




  1. Eee you look lovely. That really is a good colour on you, jealous! Hope your low key night goes well and keep drinking a steady stream of orange squash or something similar!

  2. love the dress and can't believe you got such a great jacket from primark! :-) xxxxxxx

  3. I love your jacket, it goes so nice with a dress :) Cute outfit. Have a spectacular day,


  4. Thankyou everyone! The jacket is the one thing in my wardrobe that I always get complimented on, it was £1!! Happy sunday aalll

  5. Loved the way you've styled this number, the colour is beaut.

    Helen, x

  6. That is such a wonderful look! The jacket makes it a bit rockie=)


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