Tuesday, 13 September 2011

swing batter batter

Jumper: Topshop, Vest: New Look, Necklace: Miss Selfridge, Leggings: River Island, Boots: Topshop

This jumper reminds me of some kind of sporting top, not sure what, a combination of the shoulder patches and the oversized shape I think is a nice masculine touch. My boyfriend kindly bought this for me and I love it, it's so bloody easy to wear but I think it's really interesting and a bit unique. It's also the perfect item for this transitional weather period where it's not quite appropriate for coats. I didn't really do anything today and I'm going to the gym in a bit, hence why this outfit is pretty boring, but I thought it would be nice to share my new favourite thing with you! I'm sure I've mentioned it a million times already, but it's payday on Friday and I'm shopping on Sunday so I hope I'll have some lovely new things to show you finally! I already know I want to pay a visit to Lush as I'm desperate to try out 'Angels on Bare Skin' after reading about it on Dainty Dresses, I'll let you know what I think! I'm also planning to buy some things for uni to make my room nice and cosy and I want to have a good rummage in Primark to see if I can find some bargains and maybe a new little satchel for when my studies commence. Is anybody else a bit of a stationary geek? I'll need a new notebook, file, pens and maybe a pencil case this year too, haha it's just something I will never grow out of I don't think! What's everybody getting up to this week? I'm working for most of it, boooo, so there won't be much in the way of exciting outfits I'm afraid.

Also, was just wondering if anyone might have any quick fix tips on how I can whiten my nails? They've stained yellow so badly from a summer of bright colours and no base coats but I'm not allowed nail polish  for my job on Saturday and the thought of customers seeing my yellow nails as I pass them their drinks is just too much to handle!



  1. That is a lovely outfit, love the elbow patches. Rimmel used to do an "anti-yellowing" polish which made nails look so naturally healthy. It was so nice, but they discontinued. :( Not much help, i'm sorry. Another thing i used to do was use one of those nail buffering filer, the ones with 3 surfaces on one filer. This reduces it slightly. Hope this helps x

  2. Rimmel have a nail whitening pencil? Have you googled it? Think I read once that toothpaste works? And I'm a fellow stationary geek ;)x

  3. Loooved the jumper! I love when clothes have little leather details :).

  4. Cute sweater!


  5. I LOVE this jumper, they do a striped version too and I can't decide which one!

    I've heard lemon juice can take away staining but it could be an old wives tale type rumour!

  6. I absolutely love and need that jumper, it's amazing!!!

    Gem x

  7. Nice shoes :D \/

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  8. lovely shirt and great boots :)

  9. The patches on the jumper are cute. I really like your blog. I'm following! Hope you follow back, I'm new too! :D

  10. can't tell you how obsessed i am with elbow patches! can't find anything similar here! love the sweater!

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  11. Followed!!! amazing OOTD!! :D I'm so excited about your blog!!



  12. Great sweater, and love those booties! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

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